Product Spotlight: Midnight Oil

To be blunt . . . Midnight Oil is our attempt to get you to put vital, unadulterated botanical oils on your skin on a regular basis.  There are a good many reasons to use a body oil, but the main one is that our skin benefits by having a high quality lipid applied to it.  If we stretch our creative mind, it is constructive to see the skin as a lipid organization itself. The layers of the skin contain an astonishing array of ligands – message carrying molecules like enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones – that although electromagnetic in nature, work their magic within an intricate lipid environment.  In other words, our skin is a super-advanced communications network that uses oil. Since these functions are so important, it is imperative that the oils we put on our skin are very high quality.

But what does this mean, high quality?  In a nutshell, it means an organic, botanical oil that has its nutritional profile intact. Botanical means the oil comes from a seed or nut as opposed to petroleum (think mineral oil, silicone, dimethicone). Organic means that the soil where the seed or nut is grown is alive, vital and has all its biological functions intact. Keeping the nutritional profile intact means that the oil was extracted either by mechanical pressing or by very low heat so the all the lipid goodness is not ruined. Most commercial oils have been deodorized, bleached, refined and otherwise turned into a clear, odorless grease. This is why many people just don’t like body oils. A good oil will have a very pronounced scent and a strong color, a sure sign of bio-activity to us; but in the industrial skin care world, any oil that is not colorless and scentless is a cosmetic chemist’s nightmare.

We’ve chosen oils that, all together, offer a complete meal for your skin.  They are beautiful oils, a pleasure to work with and feel wonderful. Some of them are avocado, black cumin seed, borage, hemp, tamanu and sesame.  Regarding how Midnight Oil smells, it was great fun to create the scent tone. Usually, when scents are created, there is a specific ‘aroma family’ direction that is intended (think floral, woody, mossy, musky, jungle, fruity, etc). I made it my job to create a scent tone that headed in none of these directions; that while smelling evocative and mysterious, was in fact, neutral. This is one of the reasons why Midnight Oil is loved by so many different types of people and is used for so many ways.

Another sign of a good body oil is that it has many purposes and intents. The scent is so transcendent and impartial that many people use Midnight Oil as an anointing oil in their mediation or yoga practice. It is also a powerful sexual aid, adding a particularly pleasurable distinction and dimension. Mothers, both new and established love Midnight Oil for themselves and their babies. And of course, it’s simply wonderful for your skin, making it soft and smooth.

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